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Community Seafood Exchange launched

Community Seafood Exchange launched

Half Moon Bay, California - March 2, 2016.  FishLine, the #1 mobile application & website for Fresh, Local Seafood, is pleased to introduce the Community Seafood Exchange (CSFx), a new concept in local seafood distribution that was motivated by discussions at the recent Local Seafood Summit in Norfolk, Virginia.

"At the Local Seafood Summit, we discussed the imbalances of supply and demand in regional seafood markets and how that affects the operations of Community Supported Fisheries and other buyers of Local Seafood," said Joe Falcone, CEO & Founder of Phondini Partners LLC, the creators of FishLine. "We proposed the Community Seafood Exchange as a place for fishermen to sell their catch when the local market might be saturated, and for CSFs, markets, restaurants & institutional buyers to seek seafood when local supplies are down."

"Phondini took on this challenge and delivered CSFx in 5 days using our wealth of experience in mobile app development," said Dan Blick, FishLine Community Manager.  "We plan to evolve CSFx during 2016 with new features as the commercial fishing seasons open up and local seafood becomes abundant in some regions."

Dan will be formally announcing CSFx at the Wild Seafood Exchange conference in Bellingham, Washington today.

CSFx is an exclusive feature on the FishLine mobile app available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. CSFx is FREE, easy to use, and requires a simple registration process to list seafood for sale or seafood wanted. Registered users simply push BUY or SELL buttons to express interest in a listing. CSFx is intended to facilitate deals involving 100s to 1,000s of pounds of seafood while FishLine which is oriented around consumer sales.

FishLine 4 Everyone, Everywhere

Half Moon Bay, California - February 9, 2016.  FishLine, the #1 mobile application for Fresh, Local Seafood, is now available for use by everyone, everywhere.  Now anyone with a smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop can search for Fresh, Local Seafood anywhere.  And all fishermen, markets, community supported fisheries and restaurants can list the Fresh, Local Seafood that they are selling or preparing for FREE!

"We've been expanding FishLine from its origin in Half Moon Bay over the past 4 years," said Joe Falcone, CEO & Founder of Phondini Partners LLC, the creators of FishLine. "Because there was demand for FishLine on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, version 4 of the app and website allows anyone, anywhere in the world to post and browse for Fresh, Local Seafood."

The FishLine mobile app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, and the website is available for Windows and Mac users.  FishLine is currently only available in English but other languages are in the planning stages.  FishLine is ready to go for fishermen and consumers in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other places where English is a common second language such as Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Holland and Scandinavia.

"Fishermen have learned to trust FishLine to bring crowds of seafood buyers to Pillar Point Harbor," said Dan Blick, FishLine Community Manager.  "These buyers want to know when their favorite seafood is available fresh off the boat or at a market or restaurant.  The Free FishLine service attracts these buyers to wherever there is Fresh, Local Seafood!"

Phondini will be presenting FishLine at the Local Seafood Summit in Norfolk, VA, February 16-18, 2016.

FishLine in the News

FishLine in the News

Half Moon Bay, California - May 1, 2014. FishLine, the #1 Free App in the Apple iTunes App Store for Sustainable, Local Crab, Fish & Seafood, has been featured  in the news at the start of the 2014 Pacific Salmon season..  As new articles are published, we will be adding links to this post. "Its been a long wait for the 2014 Salmon season and we're ready with information about 12 ports, a new Salmon video, and lots of eager consumers," said Joe Falcone, Founder & CEO of Phondini Partners LLC, developer of the FishLine mobile app.

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Phondini Partners builds award-winning mobile applications for communities, government and industry using cloud technology and local resources.  For more information, see

Tolosa Press interviews FishLine principals

Tolosa Press interviews FishLine principals

MORRO BAY, CA - JUNE 26, 2013.  FishLine was featured in the June 27 issues of the Tolosa Press publications Bay News, Coast News and SLO City News. Tolosa Press business reporter Camas Frank interviewed Joe Falcone, founder, managing partner & CTO of Phondini Partners and Julie Thomas, FishLine project manager for the article.  Here are some highlights: Fishermen have been using the technological advantage of satellite and sonar-based fish- finders for years now, but merely acquiring their prey does little good if they can’t find a willing buyer. That’s where a new mobile app for Smartphones, mobile devices and tablet computers comes in.

Phondini Partners has published  FishLine, a program that, for the first time, gives the public a fish finding edge once the catch is brought ashore. Featuring ports throughout the  Central  Coast  in  their  initial  launch, the developers were inspired by market conditions after the Pacific Salmon recovery in 2012. People had gotten used to buying other foods after the Salmon numbers were previously depleted. When boats returned to Half Moon Bay (where Phondini is based) in 2012 with a new catch, their market had disappeared and it was difficult getting word out that the dockside was back in business. Falcone explained that the mobile app development company saw an opportunity to expand one feature in the Half Moon Bay iCoastside program to truly cover the entire coastline.

They started with a move down to Morro Bay. Environmental scientist Julie Thomas started making community connections in the San Luis Obispo  County  fishing industry,  winding up with an extensive community advisory board. The app is browsable by region or by type of seafood desired and provides a wealth of information on the suppliers.

Among the better known participants locally are Tognazzini’s Dockside and Giovanni’s Market, which is now offering free shipping anywhere in California to customers ordering through FishLine App’s new direct purchasing option. Thomas explained that although the app was meant to connect local customer’s physically to their nearby fishermen, only half of their downloads are in the six-port area from Pillar Point to Port San Luis. Another 35 percent are from other parts of California and 44 other states, and 15 percent are from 41 foreign countries, so online orders were an in-demand feature.

"I think it's exciting [to build FishLine] because fishing as a profession goes back 10,000 years.  It's an amazing thing to bring together the newest technology with so much history," said Falcone. Read the entire article here.  Read the entire Bay News here. Download the FishLine app here.

About Phondini Partners

Phondini Partners builds award-winning mobile applications for communities, government and industry using local resources.  For more information, see