FishLine in the San Mateo Daily Journal

FishLine app informs consumers looking to buy the freshest catch May 03, 2016, 05:00 AM Daily Journal staff report

As the drought has caused irregularities to the annual commercial crab and salmon seasons, the creators of FishLine are urging those who want to buy the freshest catch to download the informational app.

Fishermen at Pillar Point Harbor near Half Moon Bay frequently sell crab and salmon directly off their boats after returning from a voyage out to sea. But with the drought having led wildlife officials to shorten this year’s salmon season and a toxin keeping fresh California crab off the table until a just few weeks ago, many might not know when or from whom they can buy.

The FishLine app helps connect hungry customers with local fishermen by showing in real time who’s selling what, where and when, according to Joe Falcone, founder of Phondini Partners LLC, the creators of FishLine.

“The commercial salmon season has been shortened due to the after-effects of the drought so the catch may be sporadic at times,” Falcone said in a press release. “FishLine offers enthusiasts the best way to find out when salmon is available at a local port fresh off the boat.”

With varied blackout dates and fewer fishing days this season, there are limited opportunities for the public to buy. FishLine informs consumers who want an option other than the grocery store so they don’t miss out on a chance to buy directly off the boat, according to Falcone.

The app uses crowd-sourced information and allows local fishermen to post when they have catches to share. Commercial fishermen from various harbors across the northern California coast post what type they have, the name of their boat and the price. Tips on cleaning fish, recipes and even tales from local fishermen are a few of the other FishLine features. 

The free app is available for Apple products and Android devices as well as online at Information about who’s selling at Pillar Point is also available by calling the harbor master at (650) 726-8724