Half Moon Bay, California - March 2, 2016.  FishLine, the #1 mobile application & website for Fresh, Local Seafood, is pleased to introduce the Community Seafood Exchange (CSFx), a new concept in local seafood distribution that was motivated by discussions at the recent Local Seafood Summit in Norfolk, Virginia.

"At the Local Seafood Summit, we discussed the imbalances of supply and demand in regional seafood markets and how that affects the operations of Community Supported Fisheries and other buyers of Local Seafood," said Joe Falcone, CEO & Founder of Phondini Partners LLC, the creators of FishLine. "We proposed the Community Seafood Exchange as a place for fishermen to sell their catch when the local market might be saturated, and for CSFs, markets, restaurants & institutional buyers to seek seafood when local supplies are down."

"Phondini took on this challenge and delivered CSFx in 5 days using our wealth of experience in mobile app development," said Dan Blick, FishLine Community Manager.  "We plan to evolve CSFx during 2016 with new features as the commercial fishing seasons open up and local seafood becomes abundant in some regions."

Dan will be formally announcing CSFx at the Wild Seafood Exchange conference in Bellingham, Washington today.

CSFx is an exclusive feature on the FishLine mobile app available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. CSFx is FREE, easy to use, and requires a simple registration process to list seafood for sale or seafood wanted. Registered users simply push BUY or SELL buttons to express interest in a listing. CSFx is intended to facilitate deals involving 100s to 1,000s of pounds of seafood while FishLine which is oriented around consumer sales.